She-Hulk: Attorney At Law – Trailer Talk

Marvel’s She Hulk: Attorney At Law - Trailer Talk

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law – Trailer Talk

Two months ago, a Trailer Talk article focused on the first look at Ms Marvel, a Marvel show coming to Disney+ this year and was previously announced at last year’s Disney+ Day. Another show that was announced was a show focusing on She-Hulk and, on the 17th of May, the first look was released to a mixed response.

‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ is a Disney+ show that revolves around lawyer Jennifer Walters, who gains Hulk-like powers after a blood transfusion.

Next to ‘Ms Marvel’, this is another show I was looking forward to purely because it’s a show that’s being led by a female character. However, after seeing the trailer, it overall looks decent but tonally confused. From the trailer, it can’t seem to decide whether to be a light-hearted comedy or a superhero show. And, while Marvel have balanced this well in the past, it feels jarring here purely because a more serious tone would’ve worked better. It feels too tongue-in-cheek with some of the dialogue feeling forced.

The CGI on She-Hulk is also jarring. It’s well known by now that Marvel execs kept telling the visual department to make She-Hulk smaller and skinnier as she was ‘too muscular’ originally. However, with a character like the Hulk, Marvel should’ve made her muscular and should’ve watched ‘Encanto’ as an example of how to portray muscular women. The look is especially jarring when placed next to Bruce Banner’s Hulk, who makes an appearance.

But She-Hulk’s actual skin tone looks odd too; her green skin is too bright and shiny and, again, when placed to the Hulk, it looks terrible. However, her bright, shiny tone isn’t as bothersome as the previous point that’s been made.

It’s safe to say I am a little underwhelmed by the ‘She-Hulk’ trailer. While I will give it a chance, it seems tonally confused and Walters’ Hulk appearance is especially bothersome. It also highlights an issue that the whole genre has when it comes to female superheroes. A note to Marvel Studios: watch ‘Encanto’ and learn that it’s ok to make female characters muscular.

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