The Bunker Game: Review

The Bunker Game

Gregorio (Lorenzo Richelmy) is the master of ceremonies at the bunker game. Bringing together a group of enthusiastic LARPers (Live Action Roleplayers), they all dress up, get into character and look forward to recreating a scenario from World War Two, complete with Nazis.

However, their unusual and elaborate hobby has led them to a real, World War Two bunker and there’s something still inside. So, when Gregorio disappears, it’s up to the rest of the immersed party members to find him – or face their death.

The Bunker Game is a horror movie exclusive to Shudder directed by Roberto Zazzara. Setting up all his players, Zazzara paints a picture of many different people from many different walks of life and puts them all together in a confined space. This is a typical set up for a horror movie and one that is usually meant to build up the tension while the events are put in place.

The trouble is that the director seems to have lost his focus and the movie reveals where his true passion lies. When using tension in a horror movie it has to be paced in just the right way, but there seems to be a fine line and if that line is crossed then the audience will start to get bored.

Unfortunately, it seems that with director Zazzara’s background in cinematography, he’s far more preoccupied with how his movie looks rather than telling a good story.

This leads to many of the vast array of characters feeling rather two dimensional and not given enough time for the audience to care as it goes back and forth from one character to the next. There’s also the fact that after a while the audience may come to realise that the majority of the film is set in a quiet bunker where the characters spend most of their time arguing with each other and not doing much else.

So, for those expecting a tense thriller, a by the numbers slasher or a character driven murder mystery then they may be disappointed. Just sit back and enjoy the visuals as there really isn’t much else to see.

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