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Brian And Charles DVD/Blu COMP!

Brian And Charles DVD/Blu COMP!
(L to R) David Earl stars as Brian and Chris Hayward stars as Charles in director Jim Archer’s BRIAN AND CHARLES, a Focus Features release. Credit: Courtesy of Focus Features

Directed by Jim Archer, based on his acclaimed short film from 2017, this charming, surreal comedy features Chris Hayward as Brian, a lonely inventor who decides to build a robot for company, but ends up having to deal with far more than he bargained for. The Observer described it as ‘a very British robot movie’, that has “homemade charm to spare, proving delightfully ridiculous but also poignant”.

Brian is a lonely inventor who lives in a remote valley in North Wales, spending his days in his dilapidated workshop constructing bizarre objects nobody wants. Then one day, Brian builds a robot. Made out of an old washing machine and a battered mannequin head, the 7ft tall machine is a walking, talking lifeform with the mannerisms of an inquisitive child, keen to know about its surroundings and how everything works. Initially, Brian and Charles have a great time together, the robot being the perfect antidote to Brian’s loneliness. However, as their relationship develops, things become strained. 

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