3 Demons: Review

3 Demons: Review

After a body is found in a circle of stones outside of a cabin, Officer Fisher (Peter Tell) and Officer Winters (Haley Heslip) are called in to deal with the situation. The deceased’s family are adamant that the law enforcers follow a set of rules as they want their dearly departed to be preserved.

As there is nobody for miles who can pick up the body and take it away then the two officers will have to stand guard over the body. There is also to be no autopsy and the pair are told that they should protect the body at any cost. However, it’s not really clear what they’re protecting the body from – that is until Officer Winters is called away and Fisher has to deal with what’s coming all by himself.

3 Demons is a supernatural horror directed by Matt Cunningham and co-written by Peter Tell. Having such a familiar setting for a ghostly tale, 3 Demons wears its influences proudly on its sleeve while it pays homage to The Evil Dead while still maintaining its own identity and ever-increasing horror.

A somewhat slow burn of a horror, the events start happening as if Officer Fisher may not be all in his right mind and the introduction of the film may certainly suggests so. However, as the events escalate then the audience may have to decide what route they want to go down as although there are indeed demons haunting Officer Fisher, it’s never quite clear as to where they are coming from.

There is an issue though with the start of the film because despite 3 Demons being beautifully shot and about to create an atmosphere, the choice of using Halloween costumes to depict the demons may raise an unintentional smile.

While an admirable attempt, making a person with a sheet over their head appear scary is a difficult task and one that doesn’t entirely work.

However, there is a story to be told and the more the audience gets to know Fisher and his inner demons, there’s a chance to tell a poignant and touching story. It’s just a shame that it feels undermined by the framing device which ends the film on a jarring tone.

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