Megan Williams
Megan Williams 54POSTS

Megan’s taste in films are interesting: her favourite films are ‘Space Jam’, Studio Ghibli’s ‘The Cat Returns’, as well as horror films ‘Saw’, ‘Drag Me To Hell’ and ‘Ju-On: The Grudge’. When she’s not watching films, she’ll be spending precious hours playing ‘Crash Bandicoot’.

The Grudge

The Grudge (2020) Is Not Only Terrible, But Doesn’t Fit With The Franchise I am a big fan of the ‘Grudge’ series. The original J-Horror films

The Hunt: Trailer Talk

Trailer Talk: The Hunt 6 months ago, a film called ‘The Hunt’ was delayed due to its untimely release date. While some speculated that it

Sonic The Hedgehog

After a 2-month delay due to redesigning the titular character, the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Movie is finally out!  ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ is based on the

Spiral (From The Book Of Saw): Trailer Talk

Trailer Talk: Spiral (From the Book of Saw) ‘Spiral: From the Book of Saw’ follows Detective Zeke Banks as he uncovers a new string of

Maggie May: Final Girls Berlin Review

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival Review: Maggie May ‘Sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing to do’ isn’t always the best advice to follow. This