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BRWC is short for battleroyalewithcheese, which is a blog about films.

Photo of Maya Stojan and Nathan Phillips courtesy of Sleeper Cell Films

BRWC went behind the scenes with Writer-Director Wyatt McDill  Writer-director Wyatt McDill has made multiple films, music videos and TV commercials over the years including

Documentaries About Alternative Medicine

Documentaries About Alternative Medicine. By Frankie Wallace. No doubt about it: hospital dramas are the best. There’s nothing like medicine to ratchet up the

Les Misérables

Les Misérables: Review. By Alif Majeed. As Les Misérables begins, the camera follows a group of kids celebrating the French team's victory in the

Becky: Review

By Alif Majeed. There is something immensely enjoyable about genre movies with set rules, which follows a particular set trajectory. You can see how it

Learning From Our Elders Through Movies

Learning From Our Elders Through Movies. By Frankie Wallace. People often state, “We can always learn from our elders,” but many who say this