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BRWC is short for battleroyalewithcheese, which is a blog about films.

The UK Sex Education

The Most Popular TV Shows For UK Viewers To Watch Right Now - The UK has delivered top-quality drama series, comedies, and incredible documentaries


By Nasu Nguyen. Papicha takes place during the late 90s in Algeria, a time where the country was in a civil war against radical Islamic

Revisiting Breakdown

By Jack Hawkins. In 1997, action thrillers such as Face/Off, Con Air and Air Force One commanded hundreds of millions of dollars at the box

Balloon: Review

By Nick Boyd. “Balloon” is a German film based on a true story of two East German neighbor families (the Strelzyks and Wetzels) in 1979

How To Become A Film Student

How To Become A Film Student - If you are completely and finally decided on entering the film industry as your main sector of