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BRWC is short for battleroyalewithcheese, which is a blog about films.

A Quick Chat With Jessica Markowski

By Ellie K. Jessica Markowski is beautiful, well accomplished and talented. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York she started acting as a young teenager.

Louisa Warwick: Interview

By Ellie K. Louisa Warwick is beautiful, talented and ambitious. Born and raised in the UK, she attended the prestigious boarding school

The Best Feminist Comedians

By Frankie Wallace. Over the last decade, feminist comedians have stepped over the idea that women “can’t be funny” and showed the comedy world that


Best Picture Favorites At The 2020 Golden Globe Awards. We are nearly to the new year and that generally means one thing: the

The Ghost Who Walks: Review

By Matt Keay. Exploring the old adage that there is no honour among thieves, Cody Stokes’ debut feature is a rollicking blaze through a number