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BRWC is short for battleroyalewithcheese, which is a blog about films.

comrades: Almost A Love Story - Review

Comrades: Almost A Love Story - Review. By Joe Muldoon. So close, yet so far; fate has an oftentimes cruel sense of humour. In

Florida's Stop Woke Law: What We Can Learn From Inherit The Wind

Florida's 'Stop Woke' law and what we can learn from the 1960 film 'Inherit the Wind'. By Richard Schertzer. Everyone is afraid of change

Hail Mary: Review

Hail Mary: Review. By Alif Majeed. I read a story recently about how Lance Henriksen was supposed to be the original Terminator in that

The Little Mermaid

When Critics Turned Into Trolls. By Richard Schertzer. I have to talk about this and it’s only fair as we go forth into the

Paula Velasquez - California Coyote Interview

Paula Velasquez - California Coyote Interview. With Liz Rodriguez. Seasoned Venezuelan actress Paula Velasquez was born in a small town called Maracaibo. When she