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BRWC is short for battleroyalewithcheese, which is a blog about films.

Shut Eye 2 Lauren Cooney

By Louise Agostino. Directed, written and starring Lauren Cooney and Isaac ‘ICEY’ Tomiczek this is the sequel to their first short film, Shut Eye (2016). Shut Eye

Review: Peripheral

By Eric Trigg. Peripheral is a science fiction thriller that centers on Bobbi Johnson, a young author who has grown in popularity due to her

Mandy: The BRWC Review

By Louise Agostino. Mandy is a new film by director Panos Cosmatos, who employs a similar hallucinatory dream-like atmosphere as in his debut film Beyond the

Review: Ciao Ciao

By Grace Williams. Song Chuan’s second feature Ciao Ciao puts a microscope over country living in China by telling a homecoming story in a fresh,

Is Jeepers Creepers 4 Still Going Ahead?

By Eric Trigg. Jeepers Creepers 4 News: 4th film Still Planned! Victor Salva wants short series as well? Last we heard about Jeepers Creepers 4 was