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BRWC is short for battleroyalewithcheese, which is a blog about films.

A Family Affair: Review

A Family Affair: Review. By Joe Muldoon. A poorly-rated silent retreat, a bumbling manager trying to appease his in-laws, creditors out for blood, an

Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry: Review

Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry: Review. By Simon Lalji. From the world of Georgian independent cinema comes Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry as well as the future star

Space: The Longest Goodbye - Review

Space: The Longest Goodbye - Review. By Richard Schertzer. What is outer space? Vast, open and infinite. There is so much out there in

Madu: Matthew Ogens Interview

Madu: Matthew Ogens Interview. By Richard Schertzer. I was able to interview Academy-Award nominee Matthew Ogens. His latest film Madu can be streamed on

Puddysticks: Review

Puddysticks: Review. By Richard Schertzer. Having secrets is perfectly natural. Everyone has them and it’s one of the ways that makes us all human.