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BRWC is short for battleroyalewithcheese, which is a blog about films.

The Man Who Sold His Skin

The Man Who Sold His Skin: Review. By Alif Majeed. When you come across a movie that was nominated for an Oscar for international

Jolt - Review: Kinetic Ride Through Anger Management

Jolt - Review: Kinetic Ride through Anger Management. By Jan Kalina Lindy has anger issues. Not the kind which you can solve through anger

Old: Agatha Christie Murder Mystery With A Buñuel Spin

Old: Agatha Christie Murder Mystery With A Buñuel Spin. By Jan Kalina Have you ever walked down a beach and sat down there, to

Playing God: Review

Playing God: Review. By Jude Roach. Scott Brignac’s Playing God is an ambitious drama challenging the viewer to question their own morality. The film

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6 Best Football-Themed Movies With its tension, emotion and twisting narratives, football is the perfect subject for movies. There have been plenty over the years,