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BRWC is short for battleroyalewithcheese, which is a blog about films.

How Drones Are Being Used In The Film Industry

How Drones Are Being Used in the Film Industry. By Frankie Wallace. Drones (also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs) have been making

Charlie's Angels (2019): Trailer Talk

Charlie's Angels (2019): Trailer Talk. By Megan Williams The film industry is never one to shy away from remakes, and ‘Charlie's Angels’ is no

Matthew Tibbenham Chats Surviving Confession

BRWC spoke to Matthew Tibbenham, director of Surviving Confession. Why filmmaking, Matthew? Matthew Tibbenham: Because I have no real skills! But seriously, I’m a creative person,

My 5 Favourite Cats In Film

Cats In Film: My Favourites. By Laurie Wood. Who doesn’t love a cat’s softness, happy vibrating purr, and those twinkling eyes? Did you know,

Can Movies Help You Fall Asleep Faster?

Asleep On Film: Can Movies Help You Fall Asleep Faster? By Frankie Wallace. Sleep deprivation is nothing to yawn about. It can lead to a