The Falling World: Review

The Falling World: Review

The Falling World: Review. By Jake Peffer.

In The Falling World we follow Lark (Ayumi Patterson) as she joins a group of classmates from her law school at a remote home. What Lark doesn’t know, but finds out once she’s there, is just two years ago the group was at the same house and one of their friends went missing and was never found. Once she finds out she starts to get suspicious about some members of the group as none of them supposedly know what happen to their missing friend. Relationships build and secrets get revealed as Lark finds her way to discovering what happened.

Director/writer Jaclyn Bethany puts a solid character study here as we follow this group of characters and try to figure out who is deceiving who. One of the problems, however, is we follow all these characters and almost all of them are essentially uninteresting and forgettable. Outside of Lark and another character named Baxter (Joshua David Robinson) the rest just don’t make much of an impact and that’s a shame for a decent sized cast. The performances here are all fine. Nobody really stands out over one another, but everybody is doing their part to the best of their abilities.

Despite the shortcomings of the characters the story is at least interesting enough to keep you invested. The mystery behind the missing friend does take the entire run time to be revealed but it does have a nice twist as to what happens. This movie goes by very quickly as it has a rather short run time. That does help things move along at a better pace and doesn’t spend a lot of time with any unnecessary scenes. 

Overall, The Falling World is worth a watch. It’s got some decent performances and does have an interesting storyline to keep you wanting to know where it’s going to go. Had the characters been more engaging this could have been a step above similar movies but ends up being just an average drama.

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