Infrared: Review

Wes (Jesse Janzen) and Izzy (Leah Finity) have grown up together and Izzy has known that Wes has always had a dream to make it in television. Their close bond and his interest in the paranormal have led Wes to naturally think about shooting a pilot for a ghostly TV show. Finding a school where a recent incident has brought about rumours of paranormal activity, Wes, Izzy and their cameraman go to investigate and end up getting far more than they bargained for.

Infrared is a found footage horror movie with a couple of twists along the way. Written and directed by Robert Livings and Randy Nundall Jr., Infrared is an attempt at turning the found footage genre on its head.

Presenting itself as the found footage from a discarded paranormal TV show, the story plays out like most shows of that type. The issue is that most people know that those kinds of shows are staged and so the audience watching the movie may keep that in mind right from the start.

It may be an interesting premise and something which hasn’t been done before with this kind of authenticity, but there lies the problem. In order for an audience to be immersed in a horror movie then they have to suspend their disbelief just a little.

With Wes constantly going for another take and getting his performance just right then the audience are never able to forget that they are watching a performance.

There are good performances from the cast though and particularly Finity who is put through the ringer as a woman who can supposedly communicate with the dead. However, the further they go into the story, the less the audience believes in the authenticity of the characters.

Then there’s the final act which seems to change tone completely and gives the movie an unintentionally funny twist which may evoke Scooby Doo for some. Infrared puts itself across as a found footage movie, but not necessarily the kind you’d expect. There are far too few scares up until the very last second and when it does come, it feels completely unearned.

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