Inspirational On-Screen Wedding Fashion And Accessories 

Inspirational On-Screen Wedding Fashion And Accessories 

Inspirational On-Screen Wedding Fashion and Accessories 

If you are a fan of the Twilight saga, then one of the highlights of the Twilight Saga, was the marriage of star-crossed lovers, Bella and Edward in Breaking Dawn Part One. You may recall that every little detailed was laid down to perfection, ranging from Bella’s romantic Carolina Herrera dress (made from crepe satin and French Chantilly lace) to the location of the wedding—an enchanted forest graced with a white arch filled with white wild flowers.

It was the ultimate scenario in which everything goes right. The ceremony itself inspired many real-life celebrations of love, starting from the outdoor venue to Bella’s beautiful diamond pavé ring and the scene is undoubtedly one of the most memorable on-screen weddings. If you want to discover a few more that shone in terms of fashion and style, read on.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Almost Wedding in Sex in the City

Who can forget the pop of blue in Carrie’s Vivienne Westwood dress—that’s right, the one she wore to her “almost wedding” to Mr. Big. The dress was as elaborate as befits a true lover of high fashion, and if one thing defined the character of Carrie, it was definitely her sartorial talents. The couture gown featured an abundance of layers and two different tones. Carrie herself called it “a dress so special, it could wring a wedding tear from even the most unbelieving of women.” Sadly, she never got to wear it down the aisle because her ‘Bridezilla’-style wedding planning gave Mr. Big a serious case of wedding jitters!

Carrie Bradshaw’s Black Diamond Ring in Sex and the City: The Movie

Big may not have been ready the first time around, but he pulled out all the stops when he was finally ready to commit fully to Carrie. He did so with one of the hottest current trends in wedding jewelry—a sparkling black diamond ring. When Carrie asked him why he chose black, he answered that it was rare, just like her. Today, transparent diamonds are still the number one sellers for engagement rings, but many more couples are choosing colored diamonds, sapphires, gemstones, and pearls. They are thinking along the lines of Mr. Big, valuing meaning over tradition and getting creative through purchases like twisted wedding bands, eternity engagement rings, and three-stone designs.

Juliet’s Dress in Love Actually

Juliet and Peter’s wedding in Love Actually was just about as romantic as they get. You may remember the ceremony, in which their friends surprised them by playing instruments and singing to The Beatles’ All You Need is Love, inside the church. Those with an eye for fashion, of course, were more focused on her dress, which comprised a long, sheer jacket with a cropped lace design on top and a skirt comprising both pink and sheer lacy fabrics.

The outfit was both ultra-romantic and modern, invoking a sense of celebration that defied traditional wedding fashions. Fans later learned that director, Richard Curtis, actually envisioned Kiera’s character wearing a bare-bellied dress because he wanted her “to be kind of sexy, even as a bride.” The film’s Oscar-nominated costume designer, Joanna Johnston, toned his idea down, going for sheer fabric that was the perfect fit for the end of the scene, where the bride is partying with her guests.

Film and TV have inspired many a wedding fashion trend. Carrie Bradshaw’s “almost wedding” dress, for instance, became one of the most coveted dresses at the time, and many brides opted to add a splash of blue to their hairstyles on their big day. Today, many brides and grooms are also opting for colored gemstones. If you had any doubt, check out the $10M green diamond engagement ring Ben Affleck recently gave Jennifer Lopez!

Inspirational On-Screen Wedding Fashion and Accessories 

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