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By Rachel Brooks.

Weddings are a time of joy and celebrations, a chance to marry the love of your life in the presence of immediate family and friends. You might have spent years searching for your prince charming or princess, but now the dream has become a reality.  For those of us who have not experienced being a bride or groom before there is a collection of wedding movies to make you feel like you have.

So grab your blanket, popcorn and prepare yourself for our wedding movie marathon.

The Wedding Singer (1998) 

If you have not yet seen the wedding singer then make sure you watch this first. The film is about Robbie (played by Adam Sandler), the most popular wedding singer in town, who is known for getting everybody up on the dance floor and weddings. This is until he gets stood up at his own wedding and starts to think that they aren’t that great after all. Drew Barrymore plays clumsy wedding caterer Julia, who Robbie finds a soft spot for. The only issue is, she is already engaged to someone else. Expect some great wedding songs, comedy and finding love where you least expect it.

Runaway Bride (1999)

Runaway bride stars Julia Roberts as the girl who never makes it down the aisle and is directed by Pretty Woman’s, Garry Marshall. As this starts to become a regular occurrence, a reporter becomes interested in her story and decides to follow her on her way to her next husband to be. The reporter, played by Richard Geer, discovers a lot about the runaway bride and grows closer to her.

Prepare yourself for tears and romance with sprinkles of comedy along the way. Will she leave her next husband at the aisle? You will have to watch it to find out.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Greek weddings are certainly a family affair. When a young Greek woman falls in love, she is faced with the task of introducing her American beau to her very Greek family. When her family discovers she has a love in her life, they are eager to meet and introduce him to their very large family.  Once they discover he is not Greek they are very shocked. Will her family accept him? Expect a lot of laughter, cringe worthy moments and a touch of romance.

Father of the Bride (1991)

It is every father’s worst day when he is no longer the man in his not so little girl’s life anymore. When Steve Martin’s on screen daughter announces at the dinner table that she is engaged to get married with the love of her live, he realises that it is time for him to let his ‘little’ daughter go. However not without making sure her husband to be is not on America’s most wanted list first. This movie is a great feel good film. Expect an eccentric wedding planner, real life swans and a lot of comedy.

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

Four weddings and a funeral is a British romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant as bachelor who does not envisage ever getting married. The movie follows Grant’s group of friends over the course of five occasions. During this time some things begin to be put into perspective for him and soon the bachelor realises he may have found love. This movie provides endless laughter and a great ending. We recommend you to watch it with a box of tissues to hand.

27 Dresses (2008)

Katherine Heigl stars as everyone’s favourite bridesmaid in 27 dresses. Whilst she is used to holding the brides’ dresses and making sure they have their every need seen to, she secretly longs for her day to come. Whilst secretly being in love with her boss, she dreams of the day she could finally make it down the aisle herself. However when her sister is introduced to him, an unexpected liking to one another takes place and the new couple soon announces their engagement. Whilst Heigl is in shock and left to plan the wedding for them, a new handsome gentlemen presents himself. Expect a lot of dresses, laughs and a few weddings (to say the least).

Bride Wars (2009)

When two women who have been friends since they can remember become engaged, they are over the moon. They have secretly been planning their weddings since they were school children and they know exactly what they want and where they want their wedding venue to be. However when an unexpected double booking happens, they are left to decide which one will get married at the venue they have always dreamed about and who will have to choose an alternative venue. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway play the brides at war, but who will strike first? Prepare yourself for sabotage, catfights and the unexpected.

This list strikes a balance between romance and comedy. With some great story lines, cast and directors you are sure to have a great time watching these seven must see movies. Remember to have your tissues, popcorn and duvet to hand because this is going to be a movie marathon that you won’t want to get up for.

Author:  Rachel loves anything to do with weddings, love and romance. She writes about wedding venues, wedding stationery and creates guides for brides and grooms on their weddings.

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