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Alton loves film. He is founder and Editor In Chief of BRWC.  Some of the films he loves are Rear Window, Superman 2, The Man With The Two Brains, Clockwise, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Trading Places, Stir Crazy and Punch-Drunk Love.


TOLKIEN: Nicholas Hoult & Lily Collins Chat Nicholas Hoult's breakthrough role came in the 2002 comedy-drama film About a Boy before transitioning to adult roles

Bits & Pieces: Team Edition

Team Edition Bits & Pieces. In the heartfelt tale THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN, Milo Ventimiglia stars as Denny, a racecar driver who

Dumbo Is Official Film Chart Number 1

Tim Burton’s live-action Dumbo hovers in the Number 1 spot for a second consecutive week, more than doubling the sales of its closest competitor. Keeping Captain Marvel (2) and Shazam! (3)

The Ford Brothers

Ahead of Horror Channel’s UK TV premieres of THE DEAD 2 and OFFENSIVE, (part of the FrightFest season), brothers Howard and Jon Ford discuss

The Pining: BRWC Exclusive Clip

The Pining: BRWC Exclusive Clip In the tradition of The Exorcist and End of Days comes a paranormal whodunnit that pits a detective, priest and