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Alton loves film. He is founder and Editor In Chief of BRWC.  Some of the films he loves are Rear Window, Superman 2, The Man With The Two Brains, Clockwise, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Trading Places, Stir Crazy and Punch-Drunk Love.

Nayeon Edition: Bits & Pieces

Nayeon Edition: Bits & Pieces - On October 1st 2022, the essential, alternative streaming service ARROW premieres TWO WITCHES, a superbly original and extremely scary horror cult classic

Who is the 2021 movie Jockey based on?

Who is the 2021 movie Jockey based on? Even though horse racing is not very popular in cinematography, we sometimes stumble across a jewel of

Best Games Of 2022 - What Players Can Expect

Newest Games for 2022 As expected, the year 2022 will be a real discovery for fans of gambling industry and developments. Providers will delight all

Captain Marvel Edition: Bits & Pieces

Captain Marvel Edition: Bits & Pieces - Based on the novel by Eka Kurniawan comes VENGEANCE IS MINE, ALL OTHERS PAY CASH, winner of

NBA Rising Stars Poised To Become All-Stars In 2023

NBA Rising Stars Poised to Become All-Stars in 2023 Becoming an NBA All-Star is a significant milestone in any player's career, representing an elevated status