The Big Fan Theory (Part Two)

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Part one here.

By Mitchel Baker.

Once again, we are diving into the wonderful world of fan theories. We already covered a bunch of incredible theories in a previous post but there are so many great theories floating around the internet we couldn’t help putting together a new list full of those that slipped through the net last time. In this instalment, we are looking an array of amazing brands across some amazing fan theories. We have a Harry Potter theory which has come to life following the incredible fantastic beasts and where to find them, a though provoking look at Lord of the Ring’s Gollum as well as a two for one as we cover both The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario in one theory.


One of the best theories concerning E.T is that E.T is a Jedi. As a hugely popular series it is unsurprising that Star Wars was recognised in E.T but what is the explanation for, what is clearly, the same species as E.T appearing in the Senate Chamber in Star Wars Episode 2? Yoda is a well-known figure in the senate chamber so if one of the E.T species in the second Star Wars instalment was, in fact, E.T himself then it is reasonable to suspect that E.T would know or at least recognise Yoda, which if this theory is correct he did when he ran at a child dressed as the Star Wars character on Halloween.  As for the flying bike, that could have easily been the work of the force at play. If the flying bike was indeed the work of E.T using the force, then E.T is not only from the Star Wars universe but he is a Jedi (or Sith).

Other nods to Star Wars in the E.T movie include Elliot playing with Star Wars toys and Star Wars merchandise. Although, this strengthens the idea that the Star Wars exists in E.T the same way it does in the real world – a movie series. Furthermore Attack of The Clones was released 20 years after E.T making it more likely that the appearance of E.T’s species was simply a fun Easter egg. However, it doesn’t hurt to dream, even if the idea that E.T could be a Jedi is too good to be true, especially when it means that Star Wars exists within a cinematic universe where Star Wars movies exist.

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