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Choose Or Die

Being a big fan of the ‘Saw’ franchise, I will always give similar horror films a chance, and one that appeared a few days ago was the trailer for a Netflix film called ‘Choose or Die’.

‘Choose or Die’ stars Asa Butterfield (Enders Game, Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) as a coder who decides to play an 80’s retro game titled ‘Choose or Die’ with his friend. However, they quickly realize this game breaks reality and their decisions in the game will have dire consequences in their own reality.

Upon reading the synopsis, I figured it would resemble ‘Saw’. And, while it does to a small extent (the use of gore and the idea of choosing between two specific decisions), it shares more similarities with ‘Escape Room’, 2006’s ‘Stay Alive’ and even the Black Mirror interactive film ‘Bandersnatch’. While some of the acting shown in the trailer seems a little lacking, it’s a solid concept and has caught my attention.

The three films mentioned above were ones I really enjoyed too, so I love that another film has decided to take on the cursed video game concept. And some sequences could be really tense as a character would have to make a horrible decision quickly. 

‘Choose or Die’ looks like a fantastic concept and I appreciate another film taking on the cursed video game plot. I hope the final film is enjoyable, however it would’ve been nice to see this be another interactive film, like ‘Bandersnatch’, especially considering the plot and concept of this film. But I ultimately choose to watch this when it comes to Netflix. 

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