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Eden, released in theatres on Friday 24th July, is the semi-autobiographical story charting the rise of ‘French Touch’ house music in 1990s Paris.

Telling a story inspired by DJ duo Sven Hansen-Løve and Greg Gauthier, and their once legendary club nights, Cheers, Eden is a masterpiece of both film and music.  The film follows Paul as one half of Cheers and his friends.  They not only witnessed the birth of house music in Paris but helped create it.

It follows their successes and pitfalls, providing a realistic look into the life of a DJ, including the gritty, less glamorous side of things.

The film’s impressive soundtrack features Daft Punk, obtained for the film thanks to Hansen- Løve’s friendship with the duo at the dawn of their career, as well as some classic EDM hits from the likes of Frankie Knuckles and Joe Smooth.

To celebrate the film’s release on Friday 24th July, we have compiled a list of our must-watch, House music inspired films from the past twenty years.

Maestro (2003)

Maestro depicts the early beginnings of what would go on to become the norm in EDM throughout the world, following the underground beginnings of the dance music scene in the gay clubs of New York.  Featuring a look at some of the DJs regarded by many as ‘founding fathers’ of dance music, including the legendary Larry Levan, the film spans the 70s and 80s, offering the viewer a first-hand glimpse of what it was like to be at the centre of a music revolution.

Limelight (2011)

This documentary follows the rise and fall of Peter Gatien who, at his prime in the 80s, was dubbed ‘King of New York City Clubs’.  He ruled an empire of the city’s top nightclubs, but his story came crumbling to an end with his deportation to his native Canada following lengthy legal battles during a crackdown on the drug culture in the clubbing scene in the 90s.  Featuring interviews with those who experienced his clubs in their heyday, including Moby, the film shows the dark side of the dance music era.

Pump Up The Volume: The History of House Music (2001)


Pump Up The Volume looks at the early beginnings of the dance music scene, and how it become somewhat of an artistic juggernaut over the years, spreading from New York’s clubs across the Atlantic and into Europe.  Featuring interviews with some of the legendary names that helped to mobilise the scene, including Frankie Knuckles and Theo Parrish, this TV series is well worth a watch.

High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music (2006)

While some of the other films on our list take a look at the beginnings of the musical revolution in New York, High Tech Soul focuses on Detroit, where many consider to be the birthplace of techno. Delving into the minds of Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, who created the genre, the film goes as far back as the 60s, and charts how the economic struggles that Detroit faced helped to inspire techno music.

Modulations (1998)

Described as ‘cinema for the ear’, Modulations celebrates the ever-changing evolution of dance music and its sub-genres.  Showcasing at Sundance in 1998, the documentary style film is backed up by a book and a soundtrack album, making it a truly multimedia experience, delving into the world of electronic music.

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