Women Is Losers: SXSW Review

Women Is Losers: SXSW Review

Women Is Losers: SXSW Review – Celina (Lorenza Izzo) is a schoolgirl living in a Hispanic community in the Sixties. She’s like every other girl her age and spends her time with family and friends, living a simple and quiet life among the people she loves. Then Celina meets Mateo (Bryan Craig) and they fall in love and soon Celina finds out that she’s pregnant.

As the issues surrounding abortion were so much different than they are today then Celina is forced to keep her baby, and her story plays out through love, loss. Although this eventually leads to success as she navigates a man’s world in the Sixties.

Inspired by many other stories of women who have gone through the same experiences and the Janice Joplin song of the same name, Women is Losers talks about one such woman who defied the odds and fought for her independence.

A feel-good comedy drama written and directed by Lissette Feliciano, the story follows Celina from her teenage years right up to the point where she feels safe and secure in her future.

Right from the start, Women is Losers lays it all out on the table and sets the tone for the rest of the film. Breaking the fourth wall and identifying the cliches that often happen in films such as this, Women is Losers tells its audience just what to expect and it does it all with a knowing wink to the audience.

However, this fourth wall breaking is a little inconsistent and whereas there are times where it’s very funny, there are times that showing rather than telling would have helped. This is also the source of much of the comedy and it can take the audience by surprise a little, there are times where the audience may come to expect it – even in the more dramatic scenes.

Izzo gives a great performance and despite the budget as mentioned at the beginning of the film, she sells her character’s progression as time passes. However, for all its self-referential knowledge, the script for Women is Losers isn’t as self-aware as it likes to this it is.

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