The Parish: Review

The Parish

Liz Charles (Angela DiMarco) is having trouble dealing with her grief after losing her husband, Jason (Ray Tagavilla) when he was killed on his tour of duty. Deciding to make a fresh start of things, Liz decides to pack up with her daughter, Audrey (Sanae Loutsis) and move to a new town where Audrey can attend a new school.

Both still reeling from the sudden and unexpected death, mother and daughter try to make the best of things and Audrey even starts to mention a boy she met at school. However, when Liz tries to find Audrey’s friend one day, she’s met with the sinister figure of the school janitor and from there things go from bad to worse.

Not only that, but Liz is starting to dream about her husband and her dreams are turning into nightmares.

The Parish is a predictable and cliché horror movie in the same vein as the movies in The Conjuring franchise. It gives its audience little surprises and throws almost every religion-based horror trope at them as it slowly moves along.

A slow burn horror movie, perhaps because of there being little to the plot, The Parish is a horror movie that many would have seen before and will see the plot and the inevitable ending coming from a mile away.

Everything is there from the troubled child to the slightly creepy but friendly priest, Father Felix (Bill Oberst Jr.) and there’s even a ghostly nun thrown in for good measure. Once the audience has got a grasp on the story then they will surely know where it all is going, so by the time Liz is told everything during an exposition heavy scene, the audience will wonder why she didn’t figure it out sooner.

The Parish certainly doesn’t offer up any surprises, but it does give its audience exactly what it thinks they may want. So, if you want to see a supernatural horror that reminds you of better supernatural horrors then go ahead. Otherwise give The Parish a miss and try to find something else more inventive than the bare bones it offers.

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