Pompo The Cinephile: Review

Pompo The Cinephile: Review

Gene (Christopher Trindade) is a production assistant and aspiring filmmaker who works for Joel D. Pomponetto, otherwise known as Pompo (Brianna Gentilella) for short. Pompo is also unusual for a movie producer because she’s a little girl, but she has big ideas for the kinds of films that she wants to make and she knows what sells.

Basically, Pompo is Michael Bay in pigtails and she thinks that scantily clad women and gratuitous violence is what makes people come and see movies. She’s also unapologetic about it, despite Gene’s aspirations for something better.

Then one day Gene is in Pompo’s office and he finds a script and the script is the best thing he’s ever read, it has poetry, creativity and is everything he’s ever wanted in a film. He’s also very surprised because Pompo wrote it herself. So, after giving Gene a chance to show her what he can do, Pompo lets Gene turn the script into a feature film and he has full creative control.

Pompo the Cinephile is an anime based on the popular manga series written by Shôgo Sugitani. Written for the big screen, Pompo the Cinephile is probably everything that a person who works in the film industry would like to see on screen to show exactly how hard it is to make a film. However, for those audience members who don’t have any interest in making films, let alone have any experience with making something creative, then they may get bored.

What starts out as a satire on the film industry turns into a loving portrayal of filmmaking and despite its accuracy in portraying the process, its attention to detail does not make it that good of a story.

Pompo is the perfect analogy for a movie producer (a ten-year-old who loves explosions) and there are some funny observations when casting and filming the movie. However, after that it seems to be far more interested in showing what goes into making a film. There’s also a scene about editing which ironically goes on for far too long that could have been cut.

Overall, Pompo the Cinephile will be of interest to those who love everything about film from the creative process to the opening night. However, for those who have wondered what it’s like to make a film but haven’t thought about it too deeply, it may put them off the idea altogether.

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