My Dinner With Alan: A Soprano’s Session – Review

My Dinner With Alan: A Soprano’s Session - Review

My Dinner With Alan: A Soprano’s Session – Review. By Beth Widdicombe.

Don’t be put off when you see the run time of 2 hours and 41 minutes for the new documentary ‘My Dinner with Alan: A Soprano’s Session’, practically a decade of time for the TikTok generation, but absolutely time well spent. Split into three manageable chapters, we are not just entertained, we are left as sad as we were at the iconic final episode ‘Made in America’ back in 2007. 

Which brings me to part one of the interview film based on the book ’Soprano Sessions’, the writers Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall meet in Holsten’s diner in New Jersey (which any fan knows is where the final scene was filmed) to catch up, reminisce about their days as critics at the ‘New Jersey Star-Ledger’ during the seasons release, and their facts, theories, favourite episodes and how it impacted on their lives. Although this could seem quite dry unless you were a fan, their chats are fun, you feel the warmth between them and the genuine heartfelt friendship. 

The second part ’The Last Supper’ is set in another restaurant, (apt as all good mafioso chats centre around the table where wine and food are as integral as the Colt 45 under the table) with some of the series favourite cast members. It is refreshing to have such candid chats considering what we are now used to due to today’s well-oiled PR media machines influences on stars. They are a funny, tenacious bunch, very respectful to one another, and you get the sense that they really loved each other. Very complimentary of James Gandolfini…not so much about HBO.

Closing with Part three, which unlike the Godfather is the cherry on top, we get an interview with writer and genius creator of The Sopranos David Chase. He seems a little frosty at first, but soon warms up as they coax out of him his influences. Audiences will appreciate his frank honesty, and you can genuinely feel the respect from all in the room.

Personally, I will admit to bias for this review, I watched it at its release and countless times since and have been known to call it ‘THE BEST THING TO EVER HAVE BEEN MADE FOR TELEVISION’ – so naturally I would lap up a documentary celebrating The Sopranos. For hardened fans there isn’t any new information, but the chats are funny, candid and heart-warming. This is definitely a fan film. For those who haven’t watched the Sopranos, skip this documentary and get on downloading the Boxset. You’ll never regret it.

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