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Prop Maker by day, film fanatic by nature. Could programme a VHS at the age 2 and has not stopped consuming since.

Confetti: Review

Confetti – a film about a traditional working class Chinese family’s struggle to receive guidance and education with their daughter, who has recently been

My Dinner With Alan: A Soprano’s Session - Review

My Dinner With Alan: A Soprano’s Session - Review. By Beth Widdicombe. Don’t be put off when you see the run time of 2

Sweet Street: Review

Sweet Street: Review. By Beth Widdicombe. Written and Directed by Leeds native Coz Greenop, this short gives us a 24-hour window into the story

The Stand In: The BRWC Review

The Stand In: The BRWC Review. By Beth Widdicombe. The Stand In - a dark comedy starring Drew Barrymore in dual role of both

Luxor: Review

By: Beth Widdicombe Written and directed by British-born Zeina Durra, Luxor is a love story, a meditative look at healing and also a beautifully shot