In Corpore: Review

In Corpore tells the story of different people in four different locations around the world; Melbourne, Berlin, Malta and New York. In Melbourne, Julia (Clara Francesca Pagone) is worried about telling her parents that she secretly married an older man in Las Vegas. In Berlin, Milana (Kelsey Gillis) and Rosalie (Marie Schmitt) are having financial trouble and a rift is caused between them when one of them reveals an unorthodox solution.

In Malta, Anna (Naomi Said) and her husband, Manny (Chris Dingli) are trying for a baby, although they don’t appear to want the same things and in New York… well let’s just leave that one as a surprise.

Directed and written by Sarah Jayne and Ivan Malekin, In Corpore’s four stories about love and relationships, set them around the world to show the audience that everybody has similar relationship problems, no matter where you live. Unfortunately, none of these stories feel authentic and sincere as most of them end with a salacious twist akin to that of a soap opera.

Although there is an emphasis on love and sex and how it can twist relationships, at times the sex scenes do seem to go on a little too long. This makes it feel like the audience is watching a soft porn movie rather than a subtle and nuanced character study of the complications of relationships.

Putting the soap opera storylines and the gratuitous sex together and the audience will either love the tawdry and scandalous behaviour of its cast, or wish they were watching something more intelligent.

There’s just something about the whole thing that doesn’t feel real and it completely takes the audience out of the moment. One minute there could be a frank discussion about the future of a couple’s relationship and the next there’s a steamy shower scene thrown in for the sake of it. It just seems like the directors didn’t know how to progress the stories without it.

In Corpore should have been a multicultural, gender diverse, sexually fluid story of love and sex in the present day, instead it feels cheap and tacky.

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