#BRWC10: Ten Film Podcast Recommendations

Soundtracking with Edith Bowman

5: Scored to Death

Blake from Saturday Night Movie Sleep Overs new project is actually a spin off from his excellent book of the same name, featuring interviews with horror movie composers. If you’re a horror fiend and (like me) are fascinated by the craft of scoring for film, I cannot recommend this show highly enough. Also, do yourself a favour and check out J.Blake’s brilliant book on Amazon!



6: We Heart Hartnett

When the super talented Patrick Willems announced he was launching a podcast, I was all in before I even knew what the subject matter was. If you’re not familiar with Patrick’s work, he has a YouTube channel that features video essays on filmmaking technique and some downright hilarious short films including, What If Wes Anderson Directed X-Men. Now, Patrick and his long-time collaborators, The Brothers Torpey, have a weekly show dedicated to the filmography of Joshua Daniel Hartnett. Possibly my favourite episode so far featured the guys and special guest, Siddhant Adlakha discussing the 2006 oddity, Lucky Number Slevin. Give this show a chance and pretty soon you’re gonna be begging for a subscription!



Regular type person by day, film vigilante by night. Spent years as a 35mm projectionist (he got taller) and now he gets to watch and wax lyrical about all manner of motion pictures. Daryl has got a soft spot for naff Horror and he’d consider Anime to be his kryptonite.


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