Five Famous Firearms From The World Of Film

Harrison Ford as Han Solo, posing with DL-44 blaster

The Zorg ZF-1 – The Fifth Element

Luc Besson’s weird and wonderful film, The Fifth Element, features Earth in the 23rd century, so it is no wonder the weaponry is a little different. The most notable gun from the film is the Zorg ZF-1 Pod Weapon; designed and created by Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg (the excellent Gary Oldman).

The ZF-1 is an ambidextrous assault weapon which is incapable of being detected by X-rays. It features a 3,000-round magazine capable of firing in bursts of three or 300, as well as; a rocket launcher; net launcher; arrow launcher; ice cube system (capable of freezing people), and Zorg’s personal favourite, the long-range flamethrower.

Behind the Scenes

The Zorg Industries ZF-1 Pod Weapons System was actually based upon an AKSU-74 compact assault rifle. In some scenes, it is said that you can see the gun’s original magazine sticking out, although this is unverified.

MythBuster’s Adam Savage famously spent a painstaking 17 years building his own version of the gun. He built pretty much everything from scratch and even watched the German version of the film where you see the original prop builders taking the gun apart so that he could make it as authentic as possible!

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Photo courtesy of BagoGames on Flickr, under Creative Commons

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