Vikki Lenola: A Quick Chat

Vikki Lenola

A quick chat with actress Vikki Lenola who starred in the horror movie Covenant. By Eleanor Klein.

Where were you when you found out you had landed a role in Covenant and how did you react? 

I was on my way to a gig in Toronto when the director contacted me. I was very excited and grateful!

What was it like being on set? Can you describe to us a typical day for you on set? 

This film set was really fun. We stayed at a cabin in the middle of the woods, hours away from the city. There were trails to secluded caves and water areas too, which were both beautiful and a bit eerie. The large property was the perfect location for a spooky horror/ thriller. I loved that my role required me to scream at the top of my lungs in the woods like a maniac! When else do you get to do that? The fight scenes were fun too.

Each day would I would start with makeup being done. My role was Alexandria, the temptress witch. So I had 2 very different looks. One being the sweet look of the temptress, and the other when she reveals her true evil witch form. While getting makeup done, I’d read over my lines again and get familiar with any props we were using. While we filmed for many hours, after working it was like a bunch of friends renting a cabin. I remember the one night was election night, and we all sat around the tv with popcorn watching the polls as Trump won the election. It sure made for an interesting night of conversation! I also remember being excited about the delicious vegan meals made by the director.

We would love to learn more about your journey into acting. How did you break into acting? 

I have been modeling for years now. So it feels like a natural extension to what I’m already doing. I take on a variety of gigs in order to have steady work in the industry. For this job I was recommended by the actor who had already secured the lead male role. I had met him about a year earlier at a fashion show I was booked for, and he was booked as the host. We chatted during breaks and discovered we were both into acting. It was nice of him to remember me and help me land such an interesting role.

What roles do you hope you secure in the future? 

All roles are great in their own ways, and I’m always thankful when someone thinks of me for a role. But I especially appreciate roles like in Covenant, where the character has some depth and strangeness. Action is fun too. I have my firearms licenses so I can safely handle (or even just be around) guns on set, and am working on training for combat for stage and screen.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to get into acting? 

If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera yet you may want to take some classes. Once you are, just like a lot of self-employed careers I think it takes a lot of dedication and networking. If you truly enjoy those things, I think you’ll be fine. You get what you put into it. If you really want it, don’t give up! 

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