The Best Alternative Christmas Films

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When Harry Met Sally

The second Meg Ryan rom com to appear on the list, and largely for the that same “happy sappy” reason. It’s a film that will make cry tears of laughter and tears of sorrow, much like family gatherings at Christmas. As for Christmas in the film? Well, twice in the film we see Meg Ryan’s Sally buy and take her Christmas tree home, once with the help of Billy Crystal’s Harry, and once on her own, which proves far more difficult. It just goes to show, we all need someone at Christmas. Plus it’s highly amusing seeing her furiously drag that poor tree.

Die Hard

In the wise words of Chandler and Joey, “DIE HARD!!”. Indeed. Whilst the debate rages on as to whether or not this is a Christmas Film, either way it’s certainly not your average one. Sure it’s set at Christmas, and sure the entire film takes place at a Christmas Party venue, but the fact that the party has been crashed by international terrorists kind of takes away that festive vibe at little. Nevertheless, there’s very few things in the world as entertaining as watching John McClane save the day, introducing a catch phrase as famous and iconic as “Bah Humbug”. Yippie Ki Yay, motherf***ers.

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