The Best Alternative Christmas Films

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The Holiday

Undoubtedly the closest thing to a traditional film on this list, but with a large portion of the film set in sunny Los Angeles, I think you can get away with watching it without feeling too festive. The other half of the film is set in an unrealistically snowy and idillic English village with hats and hot chocolates galore. By the end of it you’ll want to spend Christmas in a small British cottage yourself, but I warn you, The Christmas’s in England are never actually white.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Okay sure, this is essentially a Thanksgiving movie considering it’s about two men trying to get home for it, but it’s just too good a holiday movie to leave out, and hey, it’s definitely not too Christmassy, right? Steve Martin and John Candy are hilarious together, and whilst the two spend most of the film hating each other, it is ultimately a film that encourages and inspires us to be of good cheer in the holiday, even towards those who may seem to be the most incompetent people in the world. Kudos, Steve Martin.

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