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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Each of the Harry Potter books, and thus films too, is set over an entire school year, meaning that Christmas takes place in all of them, and there a few better sights in film than Hogwarts at Christmas. Whilst each of the films features a Christmassy, or at least snowy scene or too, none are better than Christmas in the first instalment. The snowy grounds, the Great Hall decorations, Ron’s woolly jumper, Harry’s shock and joy when he discovers he has presents to open, it all truly is magical, if you’ll pardon the pun.


A cult 80’s classic still hugely relevant and referenced in pop culture today, as fans of Stranger Things will know, The Gremlins is the most popular Christmas “horror” by a long way. I say “horror” as, although that’s what it was marketed as, watching it today it, it seems as much of a horror as “Ghostbusters”. Like “Ghostbusters”, it has a warm, friendly and corny (in a good way) retro vibe created by the setting, a small snowy town at Christmas, and the characters, with the adorable Gizmo being the highlight of the film. I’d go as far as saying that, as long as the grandparents can handle a bit of gore… okay a lot of gore, it’s a festive film that’s fun for all the family! Although they may be reluctant to use the blender afterwards.

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