Our Picks For The Best Football And Soccer Movies

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As a sports nut, you just can’t wait for the next game day. Lucky for you, there are a host of inspirational and dramatic sports films out there to get your fill in between games.

Football is the game played with helmeted men, feet are seldom used, while futbol is more aptly named. What do they have in common? You guessed it, they both play stage to some great films. But how great? Here is a look at the best football and futbol movies of all time.


Varsity Blues

“Varsity Blues” stars James Van Der Beek at the height of his “Dawson’s Creek” fame. Cast as a sensitive Texan quarterback, he squares off against one of the meanest and unethical high school coaches, played by Jon Voight. Part football, part coming of age story, this film shows how young men outgrow their elders.

Remember The Titans

In this first-class drama, Denzel Washington plays football coach Herman Boone. Boone is the new coach at a newly integrated Virginia high school in 1971. Racial tension presses on the team from every side. The community is split, the players are hateful, and at the same time Boone is told he will be fired if they lose a single game. While this movie is centered around football, it tells a story that is much larger, one that is a sad legacy within the United States, one of racial injustice and prejudice and how a sport can bring people together.


No football film list would be complete without “Rudy” on it. Sean Astin plays the ultimate underdog who won’t stop until he plays football for Notre Dame. Though he’s too small and not particularly athletic, Rudy overcomes adversity in the form of hot-head team members and discouragement from coaches to finally play in a single game. While Rudy played against Georgia Tech, the most exciting games are always between Notre Dame and USC, who have been fierce rivals for decades.


Green Street Hooligans”

“Green Street Hooligans” stars Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam. Wood plays an uninspired journalist who’s been wrongly kicked out of college for drug use. When he visits his sister in England he’s treated to a West Ham United game with shady characters who have as much fun fighting as they do at games. Wood finds himself inducted into the West Ham United firm which brawls with rival fans after every match. This movie may not focus much on the pitch action, but it is a truthful look at the fan violence throughout England in the 1980s.

The Cup

This is a feel good film, much like “Rudy” is, though focused on a different sport, culture, and set on a different continent. Follow the story of a young boy adopted by a remote Buddhist monastery in India, who’s real love is soccer. With the World Cup broadcast all over the world, he defies his elders to watch the one thing he loves above all else. A story of forgiveness, passion, friendship, and the sport that brings the whole world together, this is a film the whole family can love.


“Goal!” tells the story of a young man from Mexico who makes it big when he signs with England’s Newcastle United. The plot follows the ups and downs of a professional player. “Goal!” was created with complete collaboration from FIFA, which is why many star players, coaches, and officials appear in the film. While many soccer films are about what it takes to be a fan, this film gives a inside look at what it takes to go pro.

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