Bullets Of Justice: Review

Nobody knows quite when it started. The Americans blame the Russians and the Russians blame the Americans, all we know is that a genetic experiment to create super soldiers went wrong, creating a race of pig-human hybrids that soon became the dominating race on Earth.

All that’s left to defend the human race is a small band of heroes. Among them is Rob Justice (Timur Turisbekov) and his sister, Raksha (Doroteya Toleva) who have a somewhat unusual relationship. Although in this post-apocalyptic wasteland nobody cares until all the pigs are dead.

Bullets of Justice is a parody of dystopian science fiction action movies with its tongue firmly placed in its cheek. Directed by Valeri Milev and co-written by Timur Turisbekov, Bullets of Justice is set in a world where men speak with deep, gravelly voices and have traumatic backstories and women are strong and courageous and just happen to have enormous fake breasts.

There’s nothing in Bullets of Justice that can be taken seriously and it knows it all too well.

There’s plenty to laugh at although not all of the jokes may work as well as others, but ultimately Bullets of Justice is as enjoyable to those who love a cheesy action movie as it is for those who think the genre is all very silly. Turisbekov is good in the lead, although there is something about his casting which is a little misplaced, although thankfully this may just be another level of self-awareness.

A small, but knowing cameo from Danny Trejo also tops the film off nicely as Trejo’s become a staple for action movies over the years and makes sure that the audience knows exactly what they’re getting. Although for those who don’t really understand the joke, there are long periods of time during the movie that still deliver plenty of blood, gratuitous nudity and action.

Toleva also plays her part well. The typically male written female action heroine (written as a man, but played by a woman) isn’t exactly subtle commentary what with Raksha’s prominent moustache, but it gets the point across. Also look out for a footballing cameo, although it’s not who you think it is.

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