Emma Thompson @BAFTA: It’s All Down To The Teeth

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Emma Thompson recently joined BAFTA to discuss her “Life In Pictures” and we have the highlights for you. To get you in the mood, here are a few little teasers:

On seeing a show reel of her career highlights – “It’s all down to the teeth.”

She “did consider being a hospital administrator”.

Of her role in Howards End – “It’s the only time I’ve written to somebody to say I really do know this woman, and I can play her. Please let me”.

“I could have been handing him the ark of the covenant” – Realising the power of her first Oscar…And getting it back home through airport security.

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Working with Arnold Schwarzenegger – “He was the first orange person I had ever met!”

Why Saving Mr Banks was “one of the best scripts I’ve read in a long time.”

Watch the highlights video of our “A Life In Pictures” with Emma now, here on BAFTA Guru or on the BAFTA Guru YouTube page; you can listen to a podcast of the full “A Life In Pictures” here.

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