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The Coen Brothers’ films are a bit like ordering a hamburger; it’s going to contain blood, violence, interesting characters and clean dialogue in the same way as a hamburger contains a meat patty sandwiched between two pieces of bread.  Except that with Inside Llewyn Davis they’ve gone against the grain and produced a pastiche of 1970s New York Folk scene with a week in the life of an antihero in the form of Llewyn Davis who; couch surfs, tries to keep track of a cat, loses his moral compass (if in fact he ever had one) and does some folk singing along the way.

Not much happens in this film and it really isn’t for anyone who is hoping to see a Coen brothers’ film along the lines of ‘No Country for Old Men’ or ‘Fargo’. This is a slow, melodic homage to the 1970s New York folk scene. If you don’t like slow burners, emphasis on slow, or folk music then avoid this movie and lastly leave the expectations at the door, that way you won’t be disappointed.


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