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David Wosniak is a 40 year old hapless man who is pretty much useless at most things; meat delivery, managing his money etc. aside from eventually managing to masturbate into a plastic cup in an IVF clinic (the opening scene of the film gives a whole new definition to performance anxiety!)

All that he decides must change on hearing that he got his girlfriend pregnant.  It’s time he got responsible.   Except that at that very moment his past catches up with him, 533 times to be exact. He fathered 533 children amongst whom 142 of them decide to mount a class action to unmask the identity of Starbuck.  As Starbuck he may have wanked off without a care 533 times but as David Wosniak is he ready to stand up and be held accountable?

If you are one of those people who doesn’t do foreign films because of the subtitles, you will after watching this gem of a Franco-Canadian comedy.  Writer and Director Ken Scott gives us a multi layered comedy which on the surface is laugh out loud funny but dig deeper and it raises a number of profound questions on; the potential ticking time bomb on men who donated sperm without a second thought, what makes a parent, an individual’s right to know their birth parents and can there ever be actions without consequences.

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