Trent Neely 41POSTS

Trent loves watching and discussing films. Trent is a fan of character dramas and blockbusters. Some of his favorites include: The Breakfast Club, A Few Good Men and The Martian.

Drive All Night: Review

This film follows a cab driver named Dave (Yutaka Takeuchi). Dave is a quiet man who spends his nights taking fares and hanging out

Retaliation: Review

This drama follows Malky (Orlando Bloom) a 37 year old working a job tearing down his old local church. From the start of the

The Place That Makes Us: Review

The Place That Makes Us: Review. At one point, Youngstown Ohio was a prominent force in the rustbelt, but that all changed after

Crisis: The BRWC Review

This drama/thriller features three stories centered around the opioid crisis. First, there is Jake Kelly (Armie Hammer), a DEA agent working undercover to disrupt

Foster Boy: The BRWC Review

Foster Boy: The BRWC Review - This legal drama inspired by real events centers on Jamal Randolph (Shane Paul McGhie) a young teen in