Trent Neely 41POSTS

Trent loves watching and discussing films. Trent is a fan of character dramas and blockbusters. Some of his favorites include: The Breakfast Club, A Few Good Men and The Martian.

Paper Spiders

This drama film centers on Melanie (Stefania Lavie Owen) a teen about to graduate high school planning to go to USC to study medicine

Echoes Of Violence: Review

In this drama/thriller, real estate agent Alex (Heston Horwin) discovers a woman is being attacked while he is preparing to show a property to

Songs My Brothers Taught Me: The BRWC Review

Songs My Brothers Taught Me: The BRWC Review - This drama film centers on the inhabitants of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota,

Happy Cleaners' Yeena Sung: Interview

I recently had the opportunity to interview Happy Cleaners star Yeena Sung. Born in Seoul and raised in Cheonahn and Bundang South Korea, Yeena

Henry Glassie: Field Work - Review

This documentary follows folklorist Henry Glassie as he interacts with and documents artists and their work across continents and generations. Spanning Brazil, Turkey, the