Trent Neely 41POSTS

Trent loves watching and discussing films. Trent is a fan of character dramas and blockbusters. Some of his favorites include: The Breakfast Club, A Few Good Men and The Martian.

See For Me

This thriller follows Sophie (Skyler Davenport), a former top skiing prospect rendered blind by a rare genetic disorder who now housesits in order to

Safe Inside: Review

This drama/thriller follows a couple Ana (Andrea Tivadar) and Tom (Tomas Ainsley) as they travel to France in search of seasonal work as maintenance

Frankie: Review

This drama film follows a family on vacation in Sintra Portugal. At the head of the family is matriarch Frankie (Isabelle Huppert), a renowned

This World Alone: Review (SPOILERS)

This World Alone: Review. SPOILERS AHEAD

Forbidden To See Us Scream In Tehran: Review

Forbidden To See Us Scream In Tehran: Review - This short drama film follows Shima (Mohadeseh Kharaman), a young woman living in Tehran. Shima