Trent Neely
Trent Neely 21POSTS

Trent loves watching and discussing films. Trent is a fan of character dramas and blockbusters. Some of his favorites include: The Breakfast Club, A Few Good Men and The Martian.

Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story - The BRWC Review

This five part documentary series from Crackle chronicles the story of The Nintendo company, from its beginnings as a playing card producer to its

Soak: Review

This Korean short film centers on Yeonsoo Tak (Do Eun Lee) as she reconnects with her mother, Mina Park (Chaewon Kim). It is revealed


Truth To Power: Review. By Trent Neely Can music change the world? This is the question at the heart of this documentary following System

White Colour Black

White Colour Black: Review. By Trent Neely. This drama film follows Leke (Dudley O’Shaughnessy) a successful photographer living and working in London. Despite his

Honesty Weekend

Honesty Weekend: Review. By Trent Neely. This drama-comedy chronicles the romantic woes of a group of friends. There’s Ada-Cruz Goodson and John Goodson (Natalie