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Callum spends most free days with friends (mostly watching films, to be honest), caring for his dog, writing, more writing and watching films whenever he can find the chance (which is very often).

Tomb Raider

The tragic story of videogame adaptations continues with Tomb Raider. Not that anyone was really expecting much from this film. We’ve all heard of

Annihilation (2018) With Natalie Portman

Annihilation, what a sad story it is. Oh, not the film’s story, although that’s not something to perk you up either, I mean the

Lady Bird

Lady Bird has got to be one of the most relatable films I’ve seen in years. There’s no big adventure, there’s no explosions, no

Lucy Boynton: Lock In

It’s always interesting seeing actors play against type. Sure, it doesn’t always work out; Hugh Grant as that cannibal in Cloud Atlas and whatever

Game Night

This is very different from how my game nights turn out. I saw the trailer to this a while back and thought that it