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Next year in movies is shaping up to be quite great. Skeptical? Check out our list of The films to look forward to in 2017:

Manchester by The Sea

Early reviews of this film are already saying that the film and its cast will be sure to win awards at The Oscars. In this movie, Casey Affleck is Lee Chandler, a man who is made legal guardian of his nephew after his brother suddenly bites the dust. He doesn’t want to, but he returns to his hometown to deal with his nephew Patrick and his brother’s separated wife.


Back in the day, First Lady Jackie Kennedy was beloved for her elegance, so it’s no wonder that Natalie Portman was cast in the lead. This movie follows her life days after JFK’s assassination as she tries to cope with The reality of what has just taken place, maintain her husband’s legacy, and look after their children.

La La Land

This movie has been dubbed as one of the hottest contenders for the Oscars next year because of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s amazing performances as an actress and jazz musicians who are trying to keep their relationship afloat as they each find success in their chosen professions. We still think all their problems could’ve been solved with a visit to Royal Vegas online casino.

T2: Trainspotting

This movie is one of the most highly-anticipated on our list, which makes it especially thrilling that it will hit theaters in January. Fans of the first movie will be eager to learn about what Begbie, Sick Boy, and their friends have been doing for The past two decades.

Rules Don’t Apply

Lily Collins plays aspiring actress Marla Mabrey in this compelling film. It shows how her life is changed when she catches the eye of eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes. He gives her money to move to LA and attend ballet and acting classes to help her reach her dream. While in LA, she gets assigned a driver, name Frank Forbes, who she falls in love with. This is against Hughes wishes, who forbids that his charges begin relationships.


In this movie, Denzel Washington plays an ex baseball player who is now having trouble keeping his family afloat. Based on what we’ve seen so far, filmgoers can expect to see lots of drama between his wife (played by Viola Davis and his son. In other words, you may want to keep your tissues close at hand.

The Founder

This movie is based on the true story of Ray Kroc, the man responsible for turning McDonalds into a global phenomenon. Watching this movie will give you something to think about next time you grabbing that late night Big Mac.

Hidden Figures

Janelle Monae, Octavia Spencer, and Taraji Henson play the African American women who were mathematicians at NASA, while America was trying to put a man in space. This story has never been told in cinematic form before and by what happens in the trailer, it should be an empowering and inspiring watch. With their obviously excellent math skills, perhaps one of them should’ve tried playing slots at Royal Vegas Online Casino.

Personal Shopper

Kristen Stewart is Maureen, a young American living in Paris to work as a personal assistant and shopper. She’s also trying to get in touch with her dead twin brother, who met his end in the spooky old house they grew up in. Thisfilm is sure to be a great watch for those who love a little scare in their movies.

Beauty and the Beast

In this new and updated version of the Disney classic, Emma Watson is Belle, our favorite heroine. This one should be interesting to watch because Belle, instead of being an outsider, is giving more a backstory. Also, in this version, it is Belle (not her father) who is an inventor.

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