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Callum spends most free days with friends (mostly watching films, to be honest), caring for his dog, writing, more writing and watching films whenever he can find the chance (which is very often).

It Must Be Heaven: Review

What an irony it is that when a lockdown is in process, I watch a film about a man travelling to a famous city.

A Candyman Retrospective

Jordan Peele has been on an undeniable roll within the horror genre. The fantastic Get Out was a chilling, smart and unforgettable horror film

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am - The BRWC Review

Toni Morrison the Pieces I Am is a documentary film exploring the extraordinary life of highly acclaimed author Toni Morrison, who had sadly passed

The Invisible Man

What a struggle it has been to get The Invisible Man back onto the big screen. Not only was the last Invisible Man film

The Personal History Of David Copperfield

The Personal History Of David Copperfield: The BRWC Review. I’m sure that everyone has come across David Copperfield at some point in their