Songs About F-Ing: The BRWC Review

Songs To F– To: The BRWC Review

Songs About F-Ing: The BRWC Review: The BRWC Review. By Connor Walsh.

Songs About F-Ing: The BRWC Review is a snapshot of musician Marc Rebillet’s career and life, from going viral on YouTube and Twitch during the 2020 Covid Pandemic to achieving mainstream success. The documentary follows him on tour while providing snapshots of his adolescent years and his family. The unconventional nature of Marc’s manic musical style is reflected in the structure of this documentary as the film bounces from one concert to another with few quiet moments in between.

Everything about Marc’s music is improvised on the fly creating kinetic experiences you can’t quite capture anywhere else. Marc often questions the sustainability of his career, reflecting on his family and his father’s impact on the man he has become.

The film’s tour performances were engaging, showcasing Marc’s charisma and his relationship with his fans. His shows and performances have an overly sexual nature, with him performing in a robe with only boxers on a stage decorated with naked manikins. His sex appeal and charisma have brought him a uniquely intimate fan base as he often brings them on stage and even incorporates them into his performance. When on tour, the party for Marc never ends, giving little time for his upbringing by instead sprinkling these moments throughout the film. The past has a way of catching up to you; after all, it shaped you.

The documentary showcases Marc’s wild life and sudden success after years in the making. However, Marc’s life and background could have been fleshed out more to help establish how his upbringing and father influenced his work and himself. After all, Marc’s Parisian father working his way into the fashion industry is not dissimilar to how Marc found a place within the music industry. How his family shaped him and his music should have been a focus rather than a subplot.

Also, it would have been beneficial for this film to provide context on Marc’s career and audience for those unaware of Marc’s career and online history. His past is only briefly spliced in this segment, which could have also given viewers more context for his success and what has driven him to become a performer.

Overall this documentary was enlightening and showed an unconventional musical act. Still, how the visuals and his life stories were handled could have been better structured and brought the audience more into the concerts, family life and production styles.

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