The Area 51 Incident: Review

The Area 51 Incident: Review

The Area 51 Incident: Review – Jenny (Megan Purvis) and Trent (Scott Jeffrey) are interning at the infamous Area 51. They’re sat down and briefed as you would imagine, but they are told that everything they heard about Area 51 is absolutely true.

However, whilst having a tour of the facility, Jenny, Trent and some others are left to survive when an alien comes through a portal and starts killing people.

The Area 51 Incident is a science fiction horror directed by Rhys Frake-Waterfield in what could be his directorial debut, depending on whether you see this or The Killing Tree first. That’s because both are released on the same day (November 1st). There may also be a lot of added pressure for Frake-Waterfield and his team as the world’s media turned to them when it was announced that they have used Winnie the Pooh as a murderous character in a movie due out next year.

This means that those eager to see the children’s classic turned into a mass murderer will be judging Frake-Waterfield and his team for their work until then.

The problem is that it seems that although the director has tried to make a few movies to showcase what they can do in terms of story, script and special effects, audiences will be judging them based on their heightened expectations. Something that perhaps wouldn’t have happened if there had been more movies able to be released more frequently. Unfortunately, this only shows up Frake-Waterfield and his team for the inexperienced filmmakers that they are because The Area 51 Incident couldn’t be more generic.

Having a giant monster being unleashed and causing havoc while people try to survive and grow closer may remind people of 2014’s Godzilla. The biggest criticism there was that you barely saw the titular monster and the same can be said for The Area 51 Incident, although on a considerably smaller budget.

Although that may be understandable, it’s the script that lets it down. Which is a shame because the cast doing a better job than The Killing Tree, although that’s not saying much, but even the actors can’t save the generic plot and neatly wrapped up ending.

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