Demons At Dawn: Review

Demons At Dawn: Review

Demons At Dawn: Review

Mickey Santini (Ben Silver) is a hitman on the verge of retirement. However, after a meeting with Carlos Rudinski (John Altman), he’s pulled in for one last job. Unfortunately, the job doesn’t seem to be up for negotiation either, because he’s the only person who can do it and if he can’t then his life is on the line.

All he has to do is to go to a house in the countryside and finish off the unfortunate business that has happened there. Although when Mickey gets there, he meets Charlotte (Amber Doig-Thorne) and realises that he’s not been told the whole truth. In fact, what’s really been happening is that there is a demonic making human sacrifices in the woods and if he’s not careful, Mickey could be their next victim.

Demons at Dawn is a British crime thriller turned supernatural horror story directed by Randy Kent and written by Chris Sanders. Clearly taking inspiration from British crime thrillers, Demons at Dawn sets up its premise which is quite original for the horror genre, but it doesn’t seem to able to let it go.

This means that most of the movie could be seen as a gangster movie without anything particularly scary happening.

In fact, it goes on for so long that those who are led to believe that they are going to watch a horror movie may be bored by the time anything supernatural occurs. Also, those fans of horror may be equally disappointed if they stuck it out, only to be met with a visual effects budget of an average episode of forgotten 70’s children’s show, Rentaghost.

Ultimately this means that perhaps due to a lack of budget and/or time, the human characters are stuck in a room having conversations about things that have happened off screen. This doesn’t come across all that well, but it’s made even worse by the special effects scenes which may come across as funnier than intended.

Unfortunately, Demons at Dawn may not be what anybody really wanted, but you may be ok if you understand how the budget and inexperience of the cast may have affected the production.

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