The Importance Of Language In Film, Marketing And Life

The Importance of Language in Film, Marketing and Life

The Importance of Language in Film, Marketing and Life

Language is at the heart of everything we do as humans – it is a functional system that we, as a species, created, in order to relay messages of meaning to each other effectively.

Every single instance of language, anywhere you look, has a meaning, a purpose, and an entire thought process behind it. Let’s consider some real-life examples of language in all its glory.


The language of marketing is immensely interesting and, if you didn’t know, incredibly complex. While it may seem easy to tap away at a keyboard and come up with any old message for customers, there will be a deep network of decisions, agendas, and techniques behind every word used. Whether you’re reading a product description, a road sign, or a banner on Paddy’s online casino betting, every word has undergone a series of processes before being chosen, at both a conscious and subconscious level. Linguists are more likely to face these decisions consciously to create a desired message, while even a non-linguist makes these decisions subconsciously. Language is a vessel for connections and is used to describe and sell products in the marketing industry.


Though the first films may have been silent, I think just about everyone is in agreement that films with a script are a tad more entertaining. Have you ever seen a film with great action scenes and production, but you still don’t feel connected to the characters or plot? This is likely due to a weak script; without the ability to be there and feel what the characters are feeling, understand their relationships, and be immersed, we rely on the vessel of language to portray this message to us. When it is done poorly, a film fails to connect with an audience and subsequently scores pretty low on IMDB’s online film ratings.

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Language facilitates connections – this includes the human kind too. Our personal relationships heavily rely on language to communicate our feelings, our needs, and our issues, as covered by Marketing91. Without it, communication becomes difficult, and problems arise. Ever played those silly team-building games where you have to arrange yourself in a line in age order? While it’s possible, it’s much slower than if one is able to utter language. You don’t quite get to know someone as well as you were if you could speak with them also, rather than just waving your hands around, pointing fingers! Learning to communicate without language can be great and even necessary sometimes, though.

Language is, then, imperative to our society, our entertainment, and our survival. Without it, humans might not have developed as far as we have. It’s truly wonderful to see the impact language can have on us and how we can shape that impact with a bit of knowledge. Wherever you go, whatever you do, it is unlikely that you will not need language at some point. If we use it that often, it’s probably worth taking the time to reflect on it every once in a while.

The Importance of Language in Film, Marketing and Life

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