Mad God: Review

Mad God

Far beyond the sky, a diving bell descends down into the land. Out steps a man with layers of protective clothing, searching for something. He’s an assassin who has a mission, but seems to have gotten lost in the world as there’s so much to absorb that it’s easy to forget where you are. However, he must go on and try to decipher the Mad God’s world.

Mad God is a stop motion animated feature written and directed by visual effects master, Phil Tippett. Known for his involvement in many action blockbusters, Tippett has brought his talents to many films including Robocop, Jurassic Park and Starship Troopers and now has finally released his masterpiece exclusively on to Shudder.

Being an expert on all that is visual, audiences won’t be disappointed by what Tippett and his crew of animators are able to put on the screen. Avid fans will eat up every single frame as they’re guided through a world, or maybe even a universe, of strange and dark images, characters and scenarios that come directly from Tippett’s brain.

Not necessarily told in a linear fashion, Mad God may not have a conventional story structure, but the world that comes to life in Tippet’s hands makes the audience want to explore further. Despite the ever increasingly gruesome images.

If not done quite correctly, Mad God may feel more like an anthology as the characters and their stories don’t exactly meet up. However, as the film goes from one set of characters to the next then it all just adds to the richness of Tippet’s ideas.

Mad God either feels like a series of unfinished dreams that were gradually put together over time or a stream of consciousness that Tippett was able to put into words and was able to make real. Those who have always wondered what lies behind the eyes of the visual effects genius may well have their curiosity satisfied, but some may wish they had not ventured so far.

Visceral, grungy and often surreal, Mad God is the answer to the question you may have always wondered about Phil Tippett, but perhaps not the answer you were expecting.

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