Pinocchio: Trailer Talk

Pinocchio: Trailer Talk

Pinocchio: Trailer Talk

Starring Tom Hanks as puppet maker Geppetto and directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back To The Future), ‘Pinocchio’ is a live action remake of the 1940 Disney classic that follows a puppet that wishes to become a real boy. 

This is the next classic to become target to Disney’s live action treatment plan and one I was personally dreading. However, the dread did not come from the idea of whether the remake would be good or not, but from the idea that a lot of the disturbing imagery would now be translated to realistic images. As a child, I found ‘Pinocchio’ terrifying (the donkey transformation scene anyone?) so was curious to see how it would be remade. But, as this is a teaser, moviegoers are only treated to glimpses of various scenes, including a first look at the main characters.

From the teaser, the film looks visually fantastic. The recreations of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, who acts as the puppet’s conscience, are accurate to the original. It has adopted the same technique as ‘Detective Pikachu’ which is to keep their original designs but just create it using CGI and it looks beautiful. 

Out of all the live action remakes Disney were, and are, planning, ‘Pinocchio’ is one that I am dreading purely because of how it traumatized me as a child. But, from the 1-minute teaser, it looks visually beautiful and, for the moment, has won me over. But I’m sure the horrifying scenes of the donkey transformation will be just as terrifying in this as they were in the original. 

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